About Us

Welcome to Rotate A Room™

We strive to provide housing for a variety of medical professionals (physicians assistant, nursing and medical students). Our main purpose providing these tools and services is to allow and put students at ease when traveling to an unknown location for educational purposes. Rotate a Room was created on the foundation of experience that we went through during our medical career. As medical students one of the major difficulties was to find accommodation in locations where we had rotations. We spent tremendous amounts of money in vacation rental sites and hotels, when those funds could have easily been used elsewhere (i.e student debts). 

Rotate a Room also gives the tools and services to allow hosts to rent out their home, apartment or even a condo! Why rent out to individuals of unknown occupation? When you can rent out to medical professionals. You will make funds completely (minus a generous small fee we take to keep the server people happy).

We would love to get to know you, reach out to us anytime at [email protected] or click our facebook link below!

For further information on our website, please visit the FAQ section of the website.