• Why use Rotate a Room

    Being in a unknown location can get pretty frustrating but now you have a website that allows one to rent out accommodation where your rotation is.  

  • Who can use Rotate a Room

    Rotate a Room is rendered for medical professionals only.

  • Who are the hosts

    Individuals who are willing to help you succeed in your career path, who also want to fill a space in their homes.

  • How must is the cost

    With our system, we can assure you would be saving your funds. The hosts will control the cost based on the location and market value. 

  • How to host your space

    Hosting accommodation has been made easy. Upon registration, locate to the top right navigation panel; list your space then follow the instructions provided. You may then submit pictures and set your own controlled rent.

  • How to find a living space

    Finding a place to live has never been easier. After registering your account, proceed to search your location and duration of stay.  Once you locate your desired location, you will be able to  be in contact with the host.